5 Reasons to Live in Bowling Green, Kentucky

shutterstock_102527837If you’re looking for a wonderful place to live, then look no further than Bowling Green, Kentucky. The town is a great place to raise a family and retire and has great schools, safe streets and wonderful parks. When you live in Bowling Green you become part of a loving and welcoming community you’ll be happy to call home.

David Stewart is a renowned oil and natural gas consultant who grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Here are is top 5 reasons for why Bowling Green is the best place to live.

  1. Affordability – Bowling Green is a unique town that combines big city flair with small-town charm. In this quaint city, you get the feel of an urban area without the hefty price tag. You don’t have to overwork yourself to maintain the high cost of living in a city. The cost of living here is about 10% cheaper than the U.S. national average.
  1. Education – Bowling Green is a great place for education. The city is home to many great public and private schools, which is a huge factor drawing many families here. Bowling Green also has a major public university, Western Kentucky University, and a technical college, making it an education hub for South Central Kentucky.
  1. Recreation – Bowling Green is an emerging metropolitan area and among the greenest cities in the country. There’s never a lack of wonderful things to do. The city has many great parks, community centers, golf courses, sports arenas, historical sites and museums, including the Riverview at Hobson Grove, National Corvette Museum, Historic Railpark and Train Museum.
  1. Sense of Community – Bowling Green gives you the best of both worlds – an urban feel and small-town charm. Unlike living in the big city, Bowling Green has a great sense of community. Here you’ll find the kindest and most welcoming people.
  1. Business – As an upcoming metropolitan area, Bowling Green is a great place to work and have a business. The city is home to world renowned manufacturers like General Motors, Corvette and Fruit of the Loom, which offer many great jobs.

What are your favorite things about Bowling Green, Kentucky?

Are You Ready for Another Hot Rods Season? David Stewart Is!

Although Old Man Winter has made his presence known over the past few weeks, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: pitchers and catchers have reported for Spring Training, which means baseball is right around the corner. The residents of the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky and the surrounding area have the opportunity to spend another summer at Bowling Green Park as they root for the Hot Rods.

The Hot Rods are a part of the Midwest League and a farm team for the Tampa Bay Rays. They are a Class A organization, so fans can see what the Majors will look like a few years into the future.  Stars like Granden Goetzman, Willy Adames, and Johnny Field will lead the team to another successful season in 2015, and David Stewart couldn’t be more excited. He has been a big fan of the team since it moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2009.

Here are three reasons why you should come to a Bowling Green game this summer:

Affordability: The Hot Rods offer a number of affordable ticket packages for families. Full season tickets start at $495, and there are a number of group plans as well. Even if you’re looking for a single ticket on the day of the game, it’s very affordable when you compare it to a major league game or a number of other activities. And we won’t even discuss how much cheaper the concessions are.

Kid-Friendly: With Ballpark Birthday parties, a wide number of giveaways and promotions, and the JR Mechanic Club, the Hot Rods are a baseball organization that caters to their youngest fans. When you bring your kids to a Hot Rods game, you can rest assured that they’ll have a great time.

Proximity: Let’s face it. In order to attend a MLB game, you’re going to have to go a pretty far distance. According to our calculations, the closest MLB team to Bowling Green, Kentucky is the St. Louis Cardinals. Although the Cardinals are certainly a draw and a trip to Busch Stadium is a MUST for all baseball fans, it’s still four hours away. The Hot Rods are a much closer way to enjoy a high level of baseball and still be home at a reasonable time.

Spring will be here soon. The first Hot Rods regular season will take place on April 18th.

David Stewart Recommends some things to Do in Bowling Green in Fall

Autumn is here! And with it come pumpkin pies and colder temperatures that make you want to curl up inside with a mug of hot cocoa. After the long summer, many people are happy for the excuse to wear warmer clothing and stay inside now and again, and David Stewart is no exception.

However, just because the weather gets chilly doesn’t necessary mean that you want to hibernate just yet. The good news is that David Stewart knows of plenty of things to do in and around Bowling Green that will keep you up and moving, but also comfortably indoors. Here are just a few recommendations that he has for any newcomer or visitor to the Bowling Green, Kentucky area:

The Historic Railpark and Train Museum

This Groupon deal is perfect for the family! You and your family will enjoy visiting the historic Railpark and Train Museum, which features—you guessed it—trains! The trains here will take you back in time, and let you know what it was like to be riding one when our country was still largely frontier. This museum has exhibits covering eras as far back as the Civil War, and visitors will also be able to learn about the history of railroad constructions in the U.S. and how they impacted our development as a nation.

Image of Corvette top

Image courtesy of George Stojkovic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The National Corvette Museum

Are you a car lover who wants to visit a museum with something that actually interests you? Then a trip to the National Corvette Museum is an awesome way to spend a day. It’s been ranked #1 out of twenty-six attractions to see in Bowling Green, which definitely says a lot. Whether you are a fan of these specific models or you are a muscle car enthusiast in general, this museum is sure to thrill.

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center (or SKyPAC)

This venue was created as an auxiliary to Bowling Green’s other centers, which were full to bursting and unable to accommodate the area’s needs by themselves. The location features a flexible studio theater for intimate productions, which gives you more space to appreciate the acts. SKyPAC has hosted many types of shows, from standup to country music, and kids shows to Broadway musicals like Beauty and the Beast.

If you are looking for great indoor activities for the fall in Bowling Green, these are some that David Stewart suggests. Visit yourself and experience the fun!

David Stewart Reviews Things You Must Do at Beech Bend Park This Summer

Having a good time this summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a boat-load of money. Even if you want to visit another state to take a family vacation, you can still have a good time and not bankrupt yourself. If you’re looking for a family- and budget-friendly place to visit, have you considered Beech Bend Park?

Located in Bowling Green, KY, Beech Bend Park has been entertaining families since 1898. Beech Bend gets its name from the beech trees that cover the hills surrounding the park. Named the fifth friendliest park in the world, the affordable, the park offers an array of activities. To help you make the most out of your time, David Stewart of Bowling Green KY reviews things you must do while at Beech Bend Park.

Spend a day at Beech Bend Amusement Park

The amusement park offers dozens of rides and games to enjoy, including both adult and kid-friendly rides. If you’re looking for a rush, then make your way to the Kentucky Rumbler, which is ranked in the Top 25 coasters worldwide! If you want family favorites, there are go carts, bumper cars, a haunted house and tilt-a-whirl, to name a few. Children can enjoy the Crazy Bus ride, the Western Trail, and Rainbow Rock. You can also enjoy live game shows, the Wild West show and an illusion show.

Make a Splash at Splash Lagoon Water Park

If you’re looking to cool off, make your way to Splash Lagoon Water Park. Here, you can take a ride on the Ragin’ Rapids, which offers three water slides to choose from. If you are looking for water squirtin’ fun, then head over to Tiki Island, which features seven slides and a giant tipping bucket. For something more relaxing, grab a float and enjoy the Lazy River.

Watch the Race at Beech Bend Raceway

If you’re interested in racing, then check out Beech Bend Raceway and watch cars and motorcycles of all sorts put their power to the test. Watch as Harleys race each other, going over 200 MPH or come to the Bike Show and be amazed by the many wheels of all ages.

Relax at the Campgrounds

Roasting marshmallows -- one of many things David Stewart recommends doing in Bowling Green's Beech Bend Park.

For a more tranquil getaway, there’s no better place than Beech Bend Campgrounds. With nearly 250 campsites available, you can stay in an RV or pitch a tent. You’re just a short walk away from Barren River, where fishing is permitted. You can also hike or bring your bike to take a ride on a trail. At nighttime, sit by a campfire and make s’mores.

David Stewart Bowling Green Kentucky Faves

David Stewart Bowling Green Kentucky Reasons To Love

David Stewart has many reasons for loving Bowling Green Kentucky. Here are just some of the awesome things he loves about Bowling Green.

Reasons Why David Stewart Loves Bowling Green Kentucky:

  1. National Corvette Museum - who doesn’t like Corvettes? They are the great American car. Even if you don’t like sports cars, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the Corvette!
  2. Western Kentucky University - WKU is a highly ranked and recognized University in Kentucky. Yes, you CAN get a world-class education in Western Kentucky. Many of my friends, family and associates received their higher education there. It’s a great place to learn!
  3. Lost River Cave – where else can you go on a boat ride… underground??? It’s seriously as cool as it sounds. It’s fun for the whole family.
  4. Corsair Distillery - when talking about Kentucky you can’t help but mention whiskey! Visiting Corsair is a must for any fans of whiskey. If you are 21+, you must take the tasting tour!
  5. Kentucky Museum – if you love history, you must visit Kentucky Museum.

What do you love about Bowling Green Kentucky? I’d love to hear from you!