David Stewart Recommends some things to Do in Bowling Green in Fall

Autumn is here! And with it come pumpkin pies and colder temperatures that make you want to curl up inside with a mug of hot cocoa. After the long summer, many people are happy for the excuse to wear warmer clothing and stay inside now and again, and David Stewart is no exception.

However, just because the weather gets chilly doesn’t necessary mean that you want to hibernate just yet. The good news is that David Stewart knows of plenty of things to do in and around Bowling Green that will keep you up and moving, but also comfortably indoors. Here are just a few recommendations that he has for any newcomer or visitor to the Bowling Green, Kentucky area:

The Historic Railpark and Train Museum

This Groupon deal is perfect for the family! You and your family will enjoy visiting the historic Railpark and Train Museum, which features—you guessed it—trains! The trains here will take you back in time, and let you know what it was like to be riding one when our country was still largely frontier. This museum has exhibits covering eras as far back as the Civil War, and visitors will also be able to learn about the history of railroad constructions in the U.S. and how they impacted our development as a nation.

Image of Corvette top

Image courtesy of George Stojkovic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The National Corvette Museum

Are you a car lover who wants to visit a museum with something that actually interests you? Then a trip to the National Corvette Museum is an awesome way to spend a day. It’s been ranked #1 out of twenty-six attractions to see in Bowling Green, which definitely says a lot. Whether you are a fan of these specific models or you are a muscle car enthusiast in general, this museum is sure to thrill.

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center (or SKyPAC)

This venue was created as an auxiliary to Bowling Green’s other centers, which were full to bursting and unable to accommodate the area’s needs by themselves. The location features a flexible studio theater for intimate productions, which gives you more space to appreciate the acts. SKyPAC has hosted many types of shows, from standup to country music, and kids shows to Broadway musicals like Beauty and the Beast.

If you are looking for great indoor activities for the fall in Bowling Green, these are some that David Stewart suggests. Visit yourself and experience the fun!

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