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David Stewart Bowling Green Kentucky Faves

David Stewart Bowling Green Kentucky Reasons To Love

David Stewart has many reasons for loving Bowling Green Kentucky. Here are just some of the awesome things he loves about Bowling Green.

Reasons Why David Stewart Loves Bowling Green Kentucky:

  1. National Corvette Museum - who doesn’t like Corvettes? They are the great American car. Even if you don’t like sports cars, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the Corvette!
  2. Western Kentucky University - WKU is a highly ranked and recognized¬†University in Kentucky. Yes, you CAN get a world-class education in Western Kentucky. Many of my friends, family and associates received their higher education there. It’s a great place to learn!
  3. Lost River Cave – where else can you go on a boat ride… underground??? It’s seriously as cool as it sounds. It’s fun for the whole family.
  4. Corsair Distillery - when talking about Kentucky you can’t help but mention whiskey! Visiting Corsair is a must for any fans of whiskey. If you are 21+, you must take the tasting tour!
  5. Kentucky Museum – if you love history, you must visit Kentucky Museum.

What do you love about Bowling Green Kentucky? I’d love to hear from you!